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Used Tent Specialists

Providing Quality Products & Services at Affordable Prices

Island Tent Rentals, a division of Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.), is dedicated to providing companies and non-profit organizations in both the private and public sector with cost-effective alternatives to purchasing brand new tents.

That is why Island Tent provides a range of affordable options that includes:

To further help customers defray the cost of replacing a tent, Island Tent even has a Used Tent Exchange Program with free pickup and delivery anywhere in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut if eligible.

Island Tent & A.C.T. are not just dedicated to providing quality services at affordable prices, but are also committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. That is why Island Tent actively promotes recycling of used tents and tent parts to reduce cluttering of local Long Island landfills. It also provides used tents to help the victims of natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.

If you need experienced used tent specialists with a well stocked inventory, call 1 (800) 456-9894 toll free today, or contact info@islandtent.com and let our used tent professionals help you choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.